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Study on the Formula of Coffees and Coconut Milk

LIU Shuang,LONG Da-jia*

(Luoniushan Co.,Ltd,Haikou 570100,China)

Abstract: Coffee and coconut milk solid beverage,using coconut milk instead of coffee ingredients,retains the aroma ofcoffee and does not contain creamer. Also,and coconut milk because does not contain cholesterol,and it is rich in protein,essential amino acids,vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. It can be easily absorbed by human body,rich flavor at thesame time,increase nutrition. This subject is carried out by single factor experiment and orthogonal experiment. The coffeecoconut milk formula was finally determined. Coconut powder accounted for 62.1%,white granulated sugar accounted for24.8%,maltodextrin accounted for 9.3%,instant coffee powder accounted for 3.7%. At this time,the sensory score,tasteand color dissolubility of the beverage were all good,and the desired effect was achieved.

Key words: coconut milk;coffee;malt dextrin;solid drink


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