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(1 陕西科技大学经济与管理学院,陕西西安710021;

2 陕西科技大学食品与生物工程学院,陕西西安710021)



Measurement of Preference of College Students' Flavored Beverage Based on Fuzzy ComprehensiveEvaluation Method

YANG Jun-qi1,REN Yu-jie1*,YANG Da-qing2

(1 School of Economics and Management,Shaanxi University of Science and Technology,Xi'an 710021,China;

2 School of Food and Bioengineering,Shaanxi University of Science and Technology,Xi'an 710021,China)

Abstract: With the in-depth development of marketization and internationalization,the competition in beverage industry isbecoming more and more fierce. To win a place in the fiercely competitive market,it is necessary to refine thecustomer market and develop marketable beverage products. We selected college student market as the target marketand built the evaluation index system of flavored beverage product from some important aspects,such as color andflavor,packaging design,price,etc. The preference of college student market’s customers was investigated throughtrial drinking. The weight of evaluation index was calculated by using the analytic hierarchy process(AHP)throughdistributing the questionnaire to experts. A mathematical model for measuring the preference of college students’flavored beverage was constructed based on the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method. At the same time,the methodwas applied to practical cases and the implementation process in Excel was introduced. The results show that the modelconstructed in this paper is simple,feasible and reliable,and has important decision-making significance for thedevelopment of related new products.

Key words: flavored beverage;college students’preference;fuzzy comprehensive evaluation


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