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Research and Development of a Kind of Fragrant Wolfberry Nutrition Compound Beverage

RUAN Shi-zhong,TAN Yong,LI Yong *

(Ningxia Houshengji Wolfberry Drinks Limited by Share Ltd,Yinchuan 750200,China)

Abstract: Taking wolfberry as the main raw material,together with red dates,licorice,chrysanthemum,cassia seed,mulberry leaf,apple,white granulated sugar,honey,citric acid,etc.,the optimum ratio of compound ingredients wasdetermined by orthogonal test and range analysis of the amount of adding raw materials: wolfberry juice 12%,red datesjuice 8%,licorice juice 6%,mixed juice(chrysanthemum 1: cassia seed 1: mulberry leaf 1)15%,apple juice 4%,whitegranulated sugar 10%,honey 10%,citric acid 0.1%. The nutritious compound beverage produced after being prepared intoa slurry is not only rich in nutrients,but also has a fruity flavor,sweet and sour taste,and makes the flavor of thecompound beverage more prominent and fashionable.

Key words: wolfberry;red jujube;licorice;chrysanthemum;cassia seed;mulberry leaves;apple;compound beverage


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