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乳酸菌与酵母混合发酵制备抗氧化肽发酵乳 饮料的研究



摘要:研究了三株不同的乳酸菌:瑞士乳杆菌S3,副干酪乳杆菌D21,乳酸乳球菌Y6,在单独发酵和与酿酒酵母菌K23 混合发酵时,发酵过程中pH、酸度、活菌数、蛋白水解程度的变化及发酵乳多肽的抗氧化活性。结果表明:添加酵母能降低发酵乳的酸度,特别是在冷藏过程中能有效降低乳酸菌后酸化的影响,同时能促进乳酸菌在冷藏期间的活菌数稳定。瑞士乳杆菌S3 和副干酪乳杆菌D21 与酵母混合发酵乳的蛋白水解程度大于单独使用这两株菌的发酵乳,而乳酸乳球菌Y6添加酵母发酵乳的蛋白水解较差。发酵乳多肽的DPPH 自由基清除率、羟自由基清除率和还原力的抗氧化活性测试表明,两株乳杆菌添加酵母混合发酵后多肽的三种测试指标的结果都高于采用单一菌种发酵的结果。瑞士乳杆菌S3 和副干酪乳杆菌D21 分别与酵母组合作为菌种发酵的发酵乳,具有良好的口感和风味,具有很好的开发应用潜力。


Research on Preparation of Antioxidant Peptides Fermented Milk by Co-fermentation of Lactic AcidBacteria and Yeast

LUO Yu-yu,HUANG Shao-yuan,GUO Jie-er,CAI Zi-yi,YU Zi-miao,LI Yun*

(Hanshan Normal University Food School of Food Engineering and Biotechnology,Chaozhou 52104,China)

Abstract: The fermentation processes of preparing fermented milk were investigated using different strains of lactic acidbacteria (LAB)under alone use or co-fermented with strain K23 of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Three different strainsof LAB,namely,Lactobacillus helveticus S3,L. paracasei D21 and Lactococcus lactis Y6 were used in study. The resultsshowed that adding yeast could reduce the acidity of fermented milk,especially alleviating the effect of post-acidificationcaused by LAB and promoting the stability of LAB viable count during the storage period. The protein hydrolysis degree offermented milk using the strains of L. helveticus S3 or L. paracasei D21 mixed with yeast were higher than that offermented milk using the two strains alone,while the protein hydrolysis degree of using Lactococcus lactis Y6 added yeastwas poor. The DPPH free radical scavenging rate,hydroxyl radical scavenging rate and reducing antioxidant activity of thefermented milk polypeptide showed that the results of the three test indexes of the two strains of Lactobacillus added yeastmixed fermentation were higher than that of single strain fermentation. The co-fermented milks with yeast and the L.helveticus S3,L. paracasei D21,respectively,showed good taste and flavor,indicating the good development andapllication potential.

Key words: fermented milk;antioxidant peptides;co-fermentation;Lactic acid bacteria;yeast


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